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Meet the Team

John Evans

Managing Partner

John Evans is the managing partner in Bedrock Investment Group and Bedrock Property Management company in South Carolina. He leads operations, asset management, and property management for their current portfolio of $5M in rental properties. Over the past 3 years, his real estate investment journey has increased activity in single-family residents, fix and flip, multi-family investing, and managing his own portfolio in property management.

John began his journey in real estate as a teenager when his family owned a mobile home park. He held roles in day-to-day operations, maintenance, and property management while earning an education in real estate that he had no idea would become so useful today! After college, John earned a spot on the leadership team in corporate America while leading manufacturing operations for two publicly traded corporations. He has also held roles in engineering, project management, and most recently in the supply chain as a contract manager with over $50M+ in contract spend.

Ken Flowers

Managing Partner

Ken Flowers has been in real estate since 2003 where he has become a successful real estate appraiser and realtor in Florence area. Ken and his partner own and operate Alliance Appraisal Group that provides commercial and residential property valuations throughout the region. He has successfully sold and closed on 20 million plus of real estate transactions over the past 17 years.

Ken is the managing partner of Bedrock Investment Group. He has been investing in and managing real estate over the 17 years as well. He has partnered with a successful business and finance guy from the corporate world and together they are a powerful well-educated team. Together they currently own and operate $850K in real estate assets, to include commercial, residential and multi-family properties. Their main focus for the future is to grow their real estate portfolio with multi-family investments throughout the Southeast.

Rob Beardsley


In early 2020 John and his business partner Ken joined a mentorship group with Rob Beardsley as their advisor. Rob is the Principal for Lone Star Capital where is leads acquisitions and capital markets for the group. He also plays a vital role in operations at Green Oaks capital which is his family’s real estate and advisory firm.

Rob has acquired over 1,500 units with $100M+ under management in real estate assets, he published the #1 underwriting book, The Definitive Guide to Underwriting Multifamily Acquisitions. Rob is also the host of Capital Spotlight podcast, which has a unique focus geared towards interviews with institutional investors and large equity firms.