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So How do We Make Your Life Better?

We purchase and operate apartment communities in the Southeast. Our team applies their combined 25 years of experience to work so we can ensure our investors get the best return on their investment, and residents get to enjoy their new and improved homes.

We select new properties based on 5 key data points

Steady population growth in the area

We invest in areas that provide positive growth in household income
Positive trends in home values in a 20-mile radius

Higher employment over the last year

Low crime rate compared to population

From Under-contract to Investor Returns


We underwrite the deal to see if the numbers make sense

  • If the underwriting results look good, we place the asset under contract and enter due diligence.


Send the word that an asset has been found and start raising capital

  • Interested investors get a chance to review the business plan and invest.


Purchase the asset, improve it, and distribute earnings

  • We put the business plan into action, increase the asset’s value, manage investor distributions, and send quarterly updates.


Enjoy investment returns again and again during the holding period!

What does a Bedrock investor look like?

Smart investors looking to enhance their portfolio

Busy professionals who want more money without more work

First time investors who want to start strong

We’ll leave this spot open for YOU!

B E D R O C K – Invest together and grow the foundation together!

Build trust, relationships, and strategies with our investors

Educate others on how to use real estate investing as a passive wealth generator

Deliver best in class results for our investors by letting the data “speak” to drive intelligent decisions

Re-harvest cash for our investors by providing infinite returns

Offset tax liability for investors with depreciation of real estate assets

Conquer investor goals through maximizing the use of their capital

Kindness in charitable giving to each community that we invest in